Off road wheelchair project build update

COVID-19 shutdown the maker space where I was working so there was a bit of a hiatus in fab but things are going full boor now and about 90% of the machining is done.   Most of the remaining machining is in the steering mechanism, spacers for the front swing arms and spacers for welding.  After that it is a matter of fabricating the frame which I still need a pipe bender for and practice AC TIG Welding.  Below is an exploded view of all the parts that have been fabricated or bought in the case of hardware.

Exploded view of all parts fabricated & bought as of 11/8/2020

From top down rear caster, swingarm assembly and swing arm/ backrest mount.

Left side swing arms and drive assembly.

The next steps are to finish fabricating all the machined parts:
– Drill the holes in the drive wheel
– Cleanup the rear caster mount tube
– Finish the steering mechanism.
– Finish designing and Make the rear steering assembly
– find someone withe a press to broach key ways

After that it is on to building the actual chair….

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